Mobile Care for your EV

Expert service at your home, office, ... or wherever.

You have better things to do with your time - No more waiting at the dealership or tire shop.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are a hassle and hard to keep track of, especially for EV owners who don't need to take the car in to the shop for oil changes and regular service. 

Why should I rotate my tires? 

When should I rotate my tires?

Every 3,000-6,000 miles (depending on driving style and vehicle type), according to most tire and vehicle OEMs. For most people, that's about every 6 months.

Why Mōbly? 

We're Easy - We take the hassle out of tire rotations by coming to you, wherever you are. Easy! No more scheduling a tire rotation, driving across town, sitting in a waiting room, and enduring an inevitable sales pitch. 

We Provide More - Unlike many tire shops, our expert service includes the following premium features:

Subscriptions - If you hate keeping track of tire rotations, Mōbly offers a set-and-forget service - we come out every six months to rotate your tires (sort of like pest control or lawn service for car care). One less thing to remember! 

As a bonus, Mōbly subscribers get free windshield-wiper replacements (another every-six-month vehicle service that is easy to forget ... until it rains or snows). 


Curb Rash Wheel Repair

Unsightly curb rash can ruin the look of your wheels. Wheel scrapes, scratches, and paint damage stands out and is a real eyesore, but replacing your wheel can cost hundreds of dollars and requires a lengthy appointment at the service center to change the tire to the new wheel. 

We can get them back to looking like new in no time, at the convenience of your location.

Service Includes


Cabin Air Filter & AC Service

Keep your cabin air fresh and clean with annual cabin air filter replacement and AC core cleaning. Just like your home, regular changing air filters reduces unwanted smells and increases cabin air quality.

Service Includes


Full Service

Treat yourself and your vehicle to a full service that covers all the essentials to ensure your vehicle is performing in top condition.

A Full Service Includes: